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Yemameh (APS): 1872 gm
Yemameh (APS)
1872 gm Pearson.xxix
Breeder: Ali Pasha Sharif

A Pre-Registration Horse  -  See pages 226-280

A Saqlawiyah Jidraniyah of the marbat of Ibn Sudan.

    NOTES: The above information (except for color and birthdate) is shown for the dam of Mesaoud in Pearson [1988, xxix], evidently based on an entry in Lady Anne Blunt's journals [J&C, 2.2.1889]. Upon the arrival of the Blunts' first purchases from Ali Pasha Sharif, Lady Anne reports receipt of their pedigrees in Ali Pasha Sharif's own hand. The one for Mesaoud she read as showing him as "nephew of Wazir, as his dam Yemameh was sister to Wazir."
    This document in Ali Pasha Sharif's hand is apparently part of the Wentworth Bequest in the British Library, but the second page, which covers Mesaoud, has not been published.
    Peter Upton [1989, 167] describes Yemameh as a grey mare by Shueyman (AP) out of Bint Ghazieh (APS), a mare said to be by Zobeyni out of Ghazieh. This pedigree would make Yemameh a full sister in blood to Helwa (Shueyman/Horra), rather than to Wazir (Zobeyni/Ghazieh), and is perhaps based on another reference in Lady Anne's correspondence [J&C, p476-7, letter to Wilfrid Blunt]. In this letter, Lady Anne expresses the preference for using the Mesaoud son Daoud [out of Bint Nura (BLT)] as opposed to the Mesaoud son Harb [out of Bint Helwa (APS)], saying Harb's "parents are own brother and sister of same strain... whereas Daoud's dam... is a Dahmeh Nejiba and therefore has the cross of that strain."
    An early herd book of Prince Mohamed Aly describes the dam of Bint Yamama as "The famous Yamama of Ali Cherif. Daughter of the chestnut mare Wazirie of Abbas I." If indeed Yemameh was out of a daughter of Ghazieh rather than Ghazieh herself, Wazirie might be the name for that daughter of (or Bint) Ghazieh.
    Yemameh went from Ali Pasha Sharif to the stud of the Khedive Abbas II, according to Wilfrid Blunt [My Diaries, 1.11.1896]. On visiting the Khedive's new stud on this date, he records seeing "...two of Ali Pasha Sherif's, one of which is our horse Mesaoud's dam..."
    Raswan Index entry #11070 shows Yemameh as a c1872 grey mare bred by Ali Pasha Sharif, sired by Shueyman and out of a mare called Yamama or Bint Ghazieh.

Tail Male: Zobeyni (AP)
Tail Female: Ghazieh (AP)

Ancestral Elements
             Egypt I, 100.0%

	Zobeyni (AP): 1840 gs

Yemameh (APS): 1872 gm

	Ghazieh (AP): 1850 gm

AK Descendants (3 Generations): 1887 cs Mesaoud (APS) (Aziz (APS) x Yemameh (APS)) 1895 bm Narghileh (BLT) (Mesaoud (APS) x Nefisa (BLT)) 1902 cm *Narda II [ 1] (Rejeb (BLT) x Narghileh (BLT)) 1908 bs *Nasik [ 8] (Rijm (BLT) x Narghileh (BLT)) 1909 bm Nessima (BLT) [ 1] (Rijm (BLT) x Narghileh (BLT)) 1912 bs Rustnar (BLT) [ 1] (Rustem (BLT) x Narghileh (BLT)) 1914 bs Najib (BLT) [ 1] (Rustem (BLT) x Narghileh (BLT)) 1897 cs Rejeb (BLT) (Mesaoud (APS) x Rosemary (BLT)) 1902 cm *Narda II [ 1] (Rejeb (BLT) x Narghileh (BLT)) 1902 bm Rose Of Hind (BLT) [ 2] (Rejeb (BLT) x Rose Diamond (BLT)) 1897 gs Seyal (BLT) (Mesaoud (APS) x Sobha (APS)) 1903 bs *Berk [ 4] (Seyal (BLT) x Bukra (BLT)) 1899 cs Daoud (BLT) (Mesaoud (APS) x Bint Nura (BLT)) 1908 cm *Hamida [ 1] (Daoud (BLT) x Hilmyeh (BLT)) 1910 bm Sarama (BLT) [ 1] (Daoud (BLT) x Siwa (BLT)) 1917 cm *Rasima [ 1] (Daoud (BLT) x Rose Of Hind (BLT)) 1899 cm Feluka (BLT) (Mesaoud (APS) x Ferida (BLT)) 1911 cm Fejr (BLT) [ 1] (Rijm (BLT) x Feluka (BLT)) 1913 bm *Ferda [ 3] (Rustem (BLT) x Feluka (BLT)) 1899 bs Narkise (BLT) (Mesaoud (APS) x Nefisa (BLT)) 1905 bm *Kasima [ 1] (Narkise (BLT) x Kasida (APS)) 1899 bm Rabla (BLT) (Mesaoud (APS) x Rosemary (BLT)) 1906 bm Rokhama (BLT) [ 1] (*Astraled x Rabla (BLT)) 1900 bs *Astraled (Mesaoud (APS) x Queen Of Sheba (BLT)) 1905 cm Riyala (BLT) [ 1] (*Astraled x Ridaa (BLT)) 1906 bm Rokhama (BLT) [ 1] (*Astraled x Rabla (BLT)) 1907 bs Razaz (BLT) [ 1] (*Astraled x Rose Of Hind (BLT)) 1908 bs Rustem (BLT) [ 7] (*Astraled x Ridaa (BLT)) 1910 cm Rim (BLT) [ 1] (*Astraled x Ridaa (BLT)) 1910 bs Sotamm (BLT) [ 2] (*Astraled x Selma (BLT)) 1924 cs Gulastra [ 4] (*Astraled x Gulnare) 1900 cm Risala (BLT) (Mesaoud (APS) x Ridaa (BLT)) 1906 cs Rasim (BLT) [ 2] (Feysul (APS) x Risala (BLT)) 1911 cm *Rijma [ 1] (Rijm (BLT) x Risala (BLT)) 1920 cm Bint Rissala (BLT) [ 3] (Ibn Yashmak (BLT) x Risala (BLT)) 1901 cm Ajramieh (BLT) (Mesaoud (APS) x Asfura (BLT)) 1906 cs Ajman (BLT) [ 1] (Feysul (APS) x Ajramieh (BLT)) 1913 cm Amida (BLT) [ 1] (Ibn Yashmak (BLT) x Ajramieh (BLT)) 1901 cs Harb (BLT) (Mesaoud (APS) x Bint Helwa (APS)) 1906 cs *Rodan [ 3] (Harb (BLT) x *Rose Of Sharon) 1901 bs Nadir (BLT) (Mesaoud (APS) x Nefisa (BLT)) 1920 bm Bint Riyala (BLT) [ 1] (Nadir (BLT) x Riyala (BLT)) 1902 cm Hamasa (BLT) (Mesaoud (APS) x Bint Helwa (APS)) 1915 bs Hamran (BLT) [ 1] (*Berk x Hamasa (BLT)) 1904 cs *Abu Zeyd (Mesaoud (APS) x Rose Diamond (BLT)) 1912 bm Larkspur [ 1] (*Abu Zeyd x Onrust) 1913 bm Domow{1} (*Abu Zeyd x *Wadduda) 1919 cm Nusara [ 1] (*Abu Zeyd x *Noam) 1927 gs Gharis [ 3] (*Abu Zeyd x Guemura) 1927 cm Ghazil [ 1] (*Abu Zeyd x *Hamida) 1927 bm Rayim [ 3] (*Abu Zeyd x Roshana) 1895 gm Bint Yamama (KDV) (Saklawi I (APS) x Yemameh (APS)) 1909 gm Negma (KDV) (Dahman El Azrak (APK) x Bint Yamama (KDV)) 1920 gm Mahroussa (MNL) [ 4] (Mabrouk Manial (MNL) x Negma (KDV)) 1922 gm Zahra (MNL) [ 2] (Gamil Manial (MNL) x Negma (KDV)) 1925 gs Jasir (MNL) [ 1] (Mabrouk Manial (MNL) x Negma (KDV)) 1926 gm *Aziza [ 2] (Gamil Manial (MNL) x Negma (KDV)) 1931 gm *Roda [ 5] (Mansour (RAS) x Negma (KDV)) 1911 gm Aroussa (MNL) (Dahman El Azrak (APK) x Bint Yamama (KDV)) 1922 gm Radia (MNL) [ 1] (Gamil Manial (MNL) x Aroussa (MNL)) 1924 gs Gamil III (RAS) [ 2] (Gamil Manial (MNL) x Aroussa (MNL)) 1918 gs *Nasr (Rabdan El Azrak (APK) x Bint Yamama (KDV)) 1928 gs Ibn Manial (RAS) [ 1] (*Nasr x Bint Obeya (KDV)) 1929 gm *H.H. Mohamed Ali's Hamida [ 2](*Nasr x Mahroussa (MNL)) 1935 bm Banna [ 1] (*Nasr x Baribeh) 1936 gm Croisedore [ 1] (*Nasr x *Aire) 1938 gs Rodasr [ 1] (*Nasr x *Roda) 1939 gs Sirecho [24] (*Nasr x *Exochorda)

Total descendants 30966
Note that descendant count was effected by 1 flagged horses, see footnotes
Descendants by generation
 1,   2
 2,  17
 3,  46
 4,  78
 5, 161
 6, 267
 7, 535
 8, 856
16, 484
17,  57
18,   2
Descendants by year
 1880-9,   1 
 1890-9,   8 
 1900-9,  22 
 1910-9,  26 
 1920-9,  43 
 1930-9,  69 
 1940-9, 112 
 1950-9, 231 
 1960-9, 684 

1: See Domow: mtDNA Ineritance & Color Inheritance.
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