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Mlolshaan Hager Solomon: 1986 gs
Mlolshaan Hager Solomon
1986 gs 547139 AHR
Breeder: Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Salman al-Khalifah

A Foundation Horse  -  see The Documentation, pp 120-225

A Mlulshan presented by his breeder to Bill Biel. Imported to the USA in 1988 by Biel. M118 in the Amiri Stud Book of Bahrain.

Sire: Rabdaan Alwasmy M19 by Ma'anaghy Alahmar M20 out of Rabda M16.

Dam: Mlolesh Asila M105 by Sharid [c1960 grey Saqlawi stallion from the Sa'ud Royal Stud at Riyadh, presented to the Amir of Bahrain in 1964] out of Mlolesh 117 [by Jellaby Alwasmiya out of Mlolesh 131].

    NOTES: The above information (except for the gift and transfer information) is from the Amiri Stud Book of Bahrain Vol. II. The gift and transfer information is from owner and importer, Bill Biel.
    According to the Abbas Pasha manuscript [1993, p251], the Mlulshan is Kuhaylan 'Ajuz al-Mulawlish.
    (See photo p193)

Tail Male: Mlolshaan Hager Solomon

Ancestral Elements
             Khalifa, 100.0%

Mlolshaan Hager Solomon: 1986 gs

AK Descendants (3 Generations): 2003 gm Thank Heaven (Mlolshaan Hager Solomon x Llanys Winddancer) 2014 gm Mi Blue Angel (DB Khrush x Thank Heaven) 2011 bm Ubayyat Al-Bahrain (Mlolshaan Hager Solomon x DB Kalila)

Total descendants 3
Descendants by generation
 1,   2
 2,   1
Descendants by year
 2000-9,   1 
 2010-9,   2 
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