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Bint Yamama (KDV): 1895 gm
Bint Yamama (KDV)
1895 gm
Breeder: Khedive Abbas II

A Pre-Registration Horse  -  See pages 226-280

NOTES: The information about this mare has evolved over time. (1) References made while she was living by Wilfrid and Lady Anne Blunt show her as out of the dam of Mesaoud. (2) In 1924, a stallion in this line, Kafifan, was sold to Poland as a Saqlawi. (3) In 1930, another stallion of this line, Jasir, was sold to Germany as a Jallabi. (4) The 1932 certified pedigrees for the Babson and Brown imports from Manial Stud of Prince Mohamed Aly show Bint Yamama as by "Saklawi El Kebir" out of Yamama, of the Jallabi strain of Ali Pasha Sharif, from "Waziria, from Abbas Pasha's stud." (5) General Dickinson of Travelers Rest Stud purchased the Brown imports in this line from W.R. Brown, and noted the discrepancy between the Kafifan documentation and the 1932 certified pedigrees. He contacted Prince Mohamed Aly, who answered that the Jallabiyat are related to the Saqlawiyat, but did not apparently produce any further clarification. (6) The RAS History [1948, 126] shows Bint Yamama (KDV) as a great-granddaughter of the Jellabiet Feysul (AP). (7) The Inshass Original Herd Book erroneously shows a 20th-century Inshass pedigree for Yamama. (8) Raswan Index entry #1497 describes Bint Yamama as a grey mare by Saklawi I out of Yemama (APS), an 1885 bay mare owned by the Blunts at Sheykh Obeyd. The chronology for Yemama (APS) makes it difficult to see how she could have been the dam of Bint Yamama (KDV). A further point of confusion is that entry #11068 uses "Yamama" as another name for Ghazieh (AP).
    Publication of Lady Anne Blunt's Journals and Correspondence in 1986 brought the journal entries to public notice, and some authors began to refer to the line as descending from Ghazieh (AP) through the dam of Mesaoud, Yemameh (APS). Clarification came in 2000, when Dr. Ann Bowling [Bowling, et al., 2000] performed a research study using new technology to identify genetic markers in mtDNA. [See a discussion of this research, pp115-8.] The line descending in tail-female through Bint Yamama (KDV) matched the genetic markers of the line descending in tail-female through Bint Helwa (APS), a mare of the Ghazieh (AP) family. The Bint Yamama (KDV) line did not match the genetic markers of the line descending from Jellabiet Feysul in tail female through Makbula (APS). This research has been confirmed by a separate genetic study performed for the Pyramid Society [J. Forbis, private communication].
    While there is no explanation for how the line came to be described as Jallabiyat, it seems clear that Lady Anne's journal entries, done at the time, are correct, and that Bint Yamama (KDV) is out of Yemameh (APS), the dam of Mesaoud. These entries are noted here: [12.17.1907] Lady Anne visits Manial Stud and views the mares. She does not mention either a Bint Yamama or a Jallabiyah. Lady Anne visits Manial Stud [12.22.1908, 1.25.1911 and 2.6.1912] and in all three entries remarks that the best mares include the Saqlawi Yamama obtained from the Khedive, daughter of Mesaoud's mother. These entries correspond with a time when Bint Yamama was at Manial Stud. Jallabiyahs at Manial Stud are not mentioned in the published journals.
    An early herd book of Prince Mohamed Aly has an entry for Bint Yamama as a "white mare from the stud of Koubbah [of Khedive Abbas II], sire Saklawi, son of Saklawi Jedran of Ali Pasha Cherif, from the stud of Khedive Abbas I. Dam the famous Yamama of Ali Cherif. Daughter of the chestnut mare Wazirie of Abbas I." [See the entry for Yemameh (APS)]

Tail Male: Saklawi I (APS)
Tail Female: Ghazieh (AP)

Ancestral Elements
             Egypt I, 100.0%

	Saklawi I (APS): 1880 gs

Bint Yamama (KDV): 1895 gm{1}

		Zobeyni (AP): 1840 gs

	Yemameh (APS): 1872 gm

		Ghazieh (AP): 1850 gm

AK Descendants (3 Generations): 1909 gm Negma (KDV) (Dahman El Azrak (APK) x Bint Yamama (KDV)) 1920 gm Mahroussa (MNL) (Mabrouk Manial (MNL) x Negma (KDV)) 1928 gs *Zarife [27] (Ibn Samhan (RAS) x Mahroussa (MNL)) 1929 gm *H.H. Mohamed Ali's Hamida [ 5]|O~/<,d(*Nasr x Mahroussa (MNL)) 1930 gs *Fadl [50] (Ibn Rabdan (RAS) x Mahroussa (MNL)) 1931 gm *Maaroufa [17] (Ibn Rabdan (RAS) x Mahroussa (MNL)) 1922 gm Zahra (MNL) (Gamil Manial (MNL) x Negma (KDV)) 1934 _m El Zahraa (INS) [ 1] (Rasheed (BLT) x Zahra (MNL)) 1937 gs Adham (INS) [ 3] (Ibn Fayda (KAD) x Zahra (MNL)) 1925 gs Jasir (MNL) (Mabrouk Manial (MNL) x Negma (KDV)) 1933 gm Jatta (W-M) [ 1] (Jasir (MNL) x Soldateska (WL)) 1926 gm *Aziza (Gamil Manial (MNL) x Negma (KDV)) 1932 gs *Silver Yew (Rabdan El Azrak (APK) x *Aziza) 1936 km Black Auster (*Zarife x *Aziza) 1937 gs Abyad (*Nasr x *Aziza) 1938 gs Asad (*Nasr x *Aziza) 1939 gs Julep [ 2] (Gulastra x *Aziza) 1944 gs Azual (Kenur x *Aziza) 1945 cs Abjar (Kenur x *Aziza) 1947 gm Azyya [ 3] (Kenur x *Aziza) 1931 gm *Roda (Mansour (RAS) x Negma (KDV)) 1937 bs Hallany Mistanny [35] (*Zarife x *Roda) 1938 gs Rodasr [ 1] (*Nasr x *Roda) 1939 gs Apollo [ 9] (Agwe x *Roda) 1940 gm Rodetta (Agwe x *Roda) 1941 gm Shemma (Agwe x *Roda) 1943 gm Weda (Agwe x *Roda) 1945 gs Jaspre [ 6] (Agwe x *Roda) 1954 cm Sunny Acres Katydid (Ibn Hanad x *Roda) 1955 bm Sunny Acres Fantasy [ 3] (Ibn Hanad x *Roda) 1911 gm Aroussa (MNL) (Dahman El Azrak (APK) x Bint Yamama (KDV)) 1922 gm Radia (MNL) (Gamil Manial (MNL) x Aroussa (MNL)) 1932 _m Thouraya (INS) [ 1] (El Deree (INS) x Radia (MNL)) 1924 gs Gamil III (RAS) (Gamil Manial (MNL) x Aroussa (MNL)) 1932 gm Zamzam (RAS) [ 3] (Gamil III (RAS) x Bint Radia (RAS)) 1946 gm Lateefa (RAS) [ 6] (Gamil III (RAS) x Salwa (RAS)) 1918 gs *Nasr (Rabdan El Azrak (APK) x Bint Yamama (KDV)) 1928 gs Ibn Manial (RAS) (*Nasr x Bint Obeya (KDV)) 1940 gm Kawsar (RAS) [ 1] (Ibn Manial (RAS) x Zamzam (RAS)) 1929 gm *H.H. Mohamed Ali's Hamida (*Nasr x Mahroussa (MNL)) 1938 bs Warys (*Nasr x *H.H. Mohamed Ali's Hamida) 1939 bs Wahraz (Gulastra x *H.H. Mohamed Ali's Hamida) 1940 gm El Kahira (Gulastra x *H.H. Mohamed Ali's Hamida) 1946 gm Haraka [ 7] (Kenur x *H.H. Mohamed Ali's Hamida) 1947 gm Bint Hamida [ 3] (Kenur x *H.H. Mohamed Ali's Hamida) 1935 bm Banna (*Nasr x Baribeh) 1939 cm Berkoa (Gulastra x Banna) 1945 gs Zelim Khan (Rasik x Banna) 1947 gm Rabanna [ 7] (Rasik x Banna) 1948 gm Vanity (Rasik x Banna) 1954 bs Carbann-Nasr (Caravan x Banna) 1935 gs Jellaby (*Nasr x *HH Mohamed Ali's Hamama) 1935 bs Najadur (*Nasr x Jadura) 1936 gm Croisedore (*Nasr x *Aire) 1941 gs Ghafil (*Zarife x Croisedore) 1943 gm Dorzah [ 5] (*Zarife x Croisedore) 1947 gs Rakiz (*Zarife x Croisedore) 1936 cs Ibn Manial (*Nasr x *HH Mohamed Ali's Hamama) 1936 gm Mamar (*Nasr x Larkspur) 1937 gs Abyad (*Nasr x *Aziza) 1937 gs Bady (*Nasr x Bismillah) 1937 gm Jellabiet (*Nasr x *HH Mohamed Ali's Hamama) 1937 bs Na Hoarka (*Nasr x Baribeh) 1937 gm Sunbul (*Nasr x Samarkand) 1937 gs Tom-Itnen (*Nasr x *Exochorda) 1937 gs Tom-Wahid (*Nasr x *Exochorda) 1938 gs Asad (*Nasr x *Aziza) 1938 gm Brasileira (*Nasr x *Aire) 1938 cs Hishan (*Nasr x *HH Mohamed Ali's Hamama) 1938 gs Rodasr (*Nasr x *Roda) 1942 gm Shangri-La [ 5] (Rodasr x Sabigat) 1938 bs Warys (*Nasr x *H.H. Mohamed Ali's Hamida) 1939 gs Hammurabi (*Nasr x *HH Mohamed Ali's Hamama) 1939 gs Sirecho (*Nasr x *Exochorda) 1942 _s Araban (Sirecho x Hegra) 1942 _m Krisade (Sirecho x Khirah) 1956 gs Bel Gordas [15] (Sirecho x Habba) 1956 _s Morecho (Sirecho x Mocha) 1957 _s Musaugah [ 4] (Sirecho x Dahma Al Zarka) 1957 gm Sirefa [ 3] (Sirecho x Fay Roufa) 1958 gm Asal Sirabba [11] (Sirecho x Habba) 1958 gs Dhahran [18] (Sirecho x Turfara) 1958 gs Jaromir (Sirecho x Fad Roufa) 1959 gm Bint Sirecho [10] (Sirecho x *Al Hamdaniah) 1959 cm Bint Turfara [11] (Sirecho x Turfara) 1959 gs Dahrecho [ 8] (Sirecho x Dahma Al Zarka) 1959 gs Joramir [ 6] (Sirecho x Fad Roufa) 1959 gm Sirbana [13] (Sirecho x Habbana) 1959 cm Sirhabba [13] (Sirecho x Habba) 1961 bm Bint Muhaira [10] (Sirecho x *Muhaira) 1961 cs Ibn Sirecho [39] (Sirecho x Turfara) 1961 cs Munecho [10] (Sirecho x *Munifeh) 1962 gm Faarecho [14] (Sirecho x Faara) 1962 gm Sirrulla [11] (Sirecho x Drissula) 1963 gs Muhairon [28] (Sirecho x *Muhaira) 1964 gm Atalanta [ 6] (Sirecho x *Munifeh) 1964 cm Bint Al-Asmar [10] (Sirecho x Al-Asmar) 1965 gm Al Hamdaniyah [ 8] (Sirecho x Bint Sirecho) 1965 cs Sonecho [11] (Sirecho x *Munifeh) 1966 gm Hamdaniyah [ 7] (Sirecho x Bint Sirecho) 1966 bm Sirfana [ 6] (Sirecho x Fanaira) 1967 gm Sifana [ 5] (Sirecho x Fanistar) 1968 gm Sinaira [ 2] (Sirecho x Fanaira) 1969 bm Fairecho [ 6] (Sirecho x Fanaira) 1946 gm Rulyna (*Nasr x Rabbani) 1947 gm Bint Nasr (*Nasr x Rabbani)

Total descendants 29348
Descendants by generation
 1,   3
 2,  31
 3,  62
 4, 222
 5, 504
14, 415
15,  76
16,   7
17,   2
Descendants by year
 1900-9,   1 
 1910-9,   2 
 1920-9,   9 
 1930-9,  58 
 1940-9, 159 
 1950-9, 270 
 1960-9, 612 

1: See Bint Yamama (KDV): mtDNA Inheritance
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